Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hazel Blears - Motorbike Gallery Special

Dedicated to Iain Dale - possibly Hazel's number one fan.

The Myth

It was very kind of the keen motorcyclist and Labour Party Chair Hazel Blears to have loaned her very own bike (above) to the Labour Party to illustrate their campaign against mini bikes.

The Reality

This is a picture of Hazel positively dwarfing a mini bike.

More Reality

Astride one of her own motorcycles.

And Finally, Proper Salford Surreality

With members of the Mid-Life Crisis Motorcycle Club, and Hell's Angels Motorcycle Clubs.

Hundreds of presents were handed out to youngsters at Pendlebury Hospital and £15,000 was raised through sponsorship, donations, raffle and auction with the proceeds going to Francis House children's hospice in Didsbury (2004).

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