Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Regional Development Agencies: Racism and Recruitment Woes

My MP Tony Lloyd raised the question of regional quangos and non Departmental public bodies here last week.

This week there is trouble at t'mill at our RDA with a CEO - with a fat cat salary that few would turn their noses up at - being accused of sending some racist "humour" by text to a contact in another company.

This humour was discovered when the individual handed in his company 'phone to leave for a new appointment ... working for the North West Development Agency.

Steve Broomhead (pictured right) has apologised for the incident and NWDA believe they have drawn a line under the complaint of racist texting.

The enquiry into the manner in which the recruitment was handled by NWDA as a whole is ongoing. Full Story is laid out in the Liverpool Echo.

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