Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Homophobia Special : Disgusted of Tonbridge Wells

Bloggerheads produced the above re-working of the following piece of "Christian" propaganda. Unfortunately we have now missed today's 1pm Fascist Rally in Parliament Square. This reminds me of the National Front protest at Manchester Pride last year. Which I may come back to and blog when I get a moment. But no promises. One of these days I'll catch up.

As Tom Watson and Hamer Shawcross say this is one of the worst pieces of propaganda ever seen on our shores. Presented under the title "What The Government Doesn't Want You To Know" you can also see it in context and read and perhaps add to the comments HERE. There are even fascist bigots writing in pretending to be gay, like this one:

"I'm gay, and quite happy to be one, but I think the government is perfectly capable of enforcing this kind of education. If you don't believe that, go to the Daily Mail webpage and type in 'Outcry over explicit sex education video shown to five-year-olds'

The Daily Mail! Hallelujah, that's God's honest truth then is it. The propaganda has been seen by around 15,000 and the most popular response video to date by just over 1,000.

Meanwhile lefthand mini screen below shows Peter Tatchell trying to have a civilised conversation with a mad cleric, known by the CCTV scum who produced this simply as "The Bishop". Just so everyone knows how wrong he is he is later endorsed by Papa Doc Ian Paisley. To the right is a reasoned six minute response to the major lies and distortions in the propaganda film. It has a more measured pace then the other items but is none the worse for that.

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