Monday, March 19, 2007

Michael Meacher: Claimed 30+ Backers Now Just Two? One of Whom is Himself

Grim Up North has posted a comment on my blog about Michael Meacher's candidacy, showing his quite impressive video but doubting the comrades can or should forgive him for his mistakes. GUN says that Meacher is now down to two MP Backers and that Political Betting have the story. Though not Ms Grim the assertion about Meacher having only two backers left.

PB say that Brown's people are briefing that McDonnell will get his 44. I've always thought they'd want it and that Brown of the Manse would adopt the Catholic Practice of the plenary indulgence (which Blair is himself relying on) for any centrist voting for left footer McDonnell to provide a sporting contest. So take a look.

No former Ministers, current conspiracists, or land rentier millionaires were harmed in the making of this LoL montage. The drying blood belongs to Tory dead cert David Davis.

UPDATE: Ms Grim not Mr Grim. Now asking LoL who the two are when she introduced the assertion that it is two!! I understand that his two backers are (a) Michael Meacher and (b) The Scarlet Pimpernel. No, what's this? There is a third you say? Madame Guillotine his-self?


susan press said...

That is very cruel, Chris.I hope he doesn't have a link to your blog! I am Ms Grim of course.
Who are the two? I could speculate but I probably shouldn't comment.You'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.....Michael M could still rescue his reputation by getting behind us and getting a place in John's Cabinet as Environment Minister of course.People do want to see him on-side

susan press said...

My guess is 2 members of the Campaign Group but it's only a guess.

Chris Paul said...

My request to blog a comment on MM's site has reached his PA who spookily may have been picked because of her initials ... which, conspiracy fans, are MM ... they are considering putting it up. I have betted MM that he won't publish but promised that if he does he will get a mention for his good sense of humour here.

Don't hold your breath.

susan press said...

The fact you have to go through a PA says it all really. I doubt he will be amused.I would imagine he is gutted.He could have run for Deputy and might well have got more backing. Going after the top job as a left candidate having been sacked by New Labour and voted for the war was jusr never going to work. Just hope he doesn't take bat and ball home.

Chris Paul said...

Almost 24 hours on and my comment is yet to appear ... but I have every faith in him ... surely the man must have a good sense of humour? Surely? He expected people to believe he had 30 nominations in the bag when only a couple of MPs attended his launch and that reduced to none for his lunch. Wasn't it Lord Ian Stewart who remarked that he wasn't actually voting for Mad Mike?