Monday, March 26, 2007

Some Tory Blogger Bloke: Would Rather Be Beaten By Brown in Scotland Than By Miliband in England

Blogging Blue says he'd rather fight Brown than Miliband. My response:
Well, doh, obviously Iain! If you were fighting Brown you'd be in Scotland and would have no chance whatsoever. At least in the NE you'd be in England. Silly billy! But of course the peeps in No 11 and DEFRA are not hanging on your every word ...
Meanwhile Blue Blogger has closed the comments on a story about Blair resigning if cautioned. This was on yesterday's Sunday Telegraph's front page and ID apologises for tardiness thinking it is a matter of a few hours.
Either I am hallucinating or deja vuing or this story was out around eight weeks ago. Dale-Lite Andrew Alison certainly ran with it - if cautioned must resign - on 1 February 2007.
We might do a bit of de jure/de facto separation here. Blair was cautioned in all but name.

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