Friday, March 23, 2007

Tory Blogger: Stunned By GB's Lesson for Tax Mad Tories Does Snot Joke

In fact it's a horrid (not very), childish (very) video with pervy childish tittering and mad crowing. Gordon fidgets, thumbs nose at Tories, and picks spanking new teeth, gnashing brilliantly like a croc ready to pounce on a colonial slaver.

MEANWHILE: On Tory benches Smug Marginal MPs sit happily.

They have rushed from their city jobs and hair of the dog breakfasts.

But they are 50 minutes away from brown trousers over Brown's Basic-rate Bombshell. A Tory Twilight Zone.



Stephen Newton said...

I never thought I'd spend a Friday afternoon waiting for Gordon Brown to pick his nose, only to find it never quite gets there.

Chris Paul said...

It really doesn't does it? Those Tory bloggers are in fact bonkers. It's official. And whatever we may think of that budget it has got them scratching about with very little of sense to say.

Guido needs to stick to the ecumenical matters and his Friday beers and forget a career as an investigative fly-on-the-wall video director. The flies buzzed off utterly bored for this one.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I won't be defending Gordon's rubbish budget. I am utterly sick of New Labour spin - so are the public
As John McDonnell says on the New Statesman website
"Ten years in power affords any Government the opportunity of laying the foundations of the society it aspires to create. Ten Brown budgets have produced a society which is more unequal today than when New Labour was elected in 1997. Just look at the facts. In 1997 the richest 1% owned 25% of marketable wealth. By this year that had risen to 34%. Meanwhile the poorest 50% had gone from holding 6% of the nation’s wealth in 1997 to just 1% today.

Today’s budget will exacerbate the problem of inequality.

cheers, Susan

Anonymous said...


Thou doth protest too much.

Nobody I have met here in London actually likes him. Not even my labour voting friends.

GB picking his nose is funny as he's landing the first punches on himself.

The fact his nasty habit is the most interesting thing from the budget says it all.

Nobody bought his income tax reduction. How do you feel about poor people paying more tax?

I better not say too much else you'll choose an electable leader.

Anonymous said...

Strange...because I could swear I saw him chewing it...

you know

like you do!

Anonymous said...

Of course he was not eating his bogies...

what a load of tory tosh

he was carrying out a recognized treasury procedure as part of a book-balancing exercize

he was looking for spare change to put in the exchequer begging bowl