Thursday, April 19, 2007

David Lindsay and Jeff Smith: Academies For All

On Tuesday LOL-list blogger David Lindsay came up with a cunning plan. Academies being a rather unpopular concept - to take the Academy model and rattle it around a bit so that sponsors were socially engaged organisations like Trade Unions, which Mr Lindsay thinks might have spare cash swilling about. Whether that is quite true or not we have some news for our Blog-mate.

Manchester City Council has adapted Andrew Adonis' Complex in just this kind of way. Going public 12 months ago. PDF Download. Keeping flat-earthers, creationists, arms dealers and purveyors of fast food OUT. Keeping accountability and shared purpose and indeed proactive clustering with our other schools IN.

Hats off to Councillor Jeff Smith (standing in Old Moat) for being well ahead of both Lord Adonis and David Lindsay. I'm loving Manchester Labour.

In January 2007 the boat was
well and truly pushed out in The Guardian and in Public Service.

PHOTOS: The existing Manchester Academy including BBC Newsnight's successful £40 into £600 business of Cathay Craftz (top) with Yahui Zhang and Marcelle Tompkins (pictured) working with Yidan Liu and Jamie Barker. Starting from a low base the school has doubled and now tripled achievements and is well on the way to being an excellent school. The school was opened by David Miliband, way back in 2003.


David Lindsay said...

Very many thanks. And I will be linking to you, as soon as I work out how to do it.

Adonis is a marvel of the age: he simply declared himself to be an "Education Expert", and was taken entirely at face value by the New Establishment, all the way up to being made Schools Minister, complete with the peerage necessary in order to make this possible.

Well, I hereby simply declare myself to be an "Education Expert" (I am a school governor, I have been a supply teacher - that's at least two up on Adonis). So, where are my peerage and my Ministerial office?

Chris Paul said...

Cheers David. Yes! In an earlier post I did recommend Cllr Jeff Smith for Education Minister!

I made the mistake of saying Adonis had never been elected. But of course he was! Just not for Labour. He is now falling on this Manchester Model to save his bacon and meet his target.