Sunday, April 15, 2007

Iain Dale's Diary: Nadine Dorries MP on Gypsies

The Old Hag gives Little Dorries the mind-Poisoning Apple

Iain Dale has rightly taken some heat from posting, and defending a nasty piece of work by Nadine Dorries, a Tory MP who at this rate needs de-selection or at very least her wings clipping a la Patrick Mercer. On Friday 13th which was unlucky.

That post is excreable it really is. And excrementous to boot.

Nothing racist AT ALL says Iain when even his right wing clientele find their eyebrows rising? You're having a laugh ain't ya, well ain't ya?

The only thing that might have made it less than full on racist (but it doesn't) is the clever way the mid-Bedfordshire bigot has conflated Irish travellers, Gypsies (er, Tramps and Thieves too, lest we forget), and anyone who travels into some poorly remembered (but uniformly not genial and not loveable) mass of caravaners.

Is this a side swipe at Margaret Beckett? Or do Nadine and Iain really believe that taking responsibility away from local authorities for providing sites was a progressive and justifiable thing to do? Would Dave/id Cameroonie, the nu-age cuddly Tory gentle-man, and ex Bully Bullingdon Bullshitter, take the responsibility back off them?

Goodness knows travellers of all stripes can be one side of some local friction when they pitch up at non-sites with no waste disposal, plumbing or access. But that's the point. Sites with waste handling, plumbing and power and proper access make sense and Nadine Dorries MP is sadly a gibbering bigot.

Travellers cannot even buy land and create their own properly managed static sites because of rampant NIMBYISM. I covered some of this as a cub-reporter circa 1985 and in that case the "problem" was Showmen who travel with Fairs for six months of the year - enterprising, mobile, flexible, licensed and respectable businesses - and need a settled site for the other six months.

The objectors - including stalwart socialists and Labourists I'll have you know - wished the site to be transferred from some very suitable land in Collyhurst to some very unsuitable land in Rusholme (now regenerated as the heart of the curry mile). Why? Because the Cllr responsible - one Arnold Spencer - lived there.

Pathetic. It's difficult. But, sorry Iain, Nadine is ga-ga. And you are showing signs of this by linking to her excreable views. Makes me spit.

Whatever next? The way we do things in England does not include the smell of curry cooking, the extravaganza of carnival, the mounting of chavi satellite dishes, or alas the frummy curls (and hot girls allegedly at this link) of those orthodox jews over there?

Just in case you're thinking what I'm thinking ... the family name Dörries is apparently from the German: from a reduced pet form of the medieval personal name Isidor(i)us (Greek Isidoros, from Isis, the name of an originally Egyptian goddess + doron ‘gift’). These days the "overseas" Dorries clan are mainly settled in Lancashire, UK and Illinois, USA. It is not certain whether they reached the latter c 1860-1890 in a Caravan or on a new-fangled railroad. Five family members fought for the Union side in the civil war. The Bedfordshire crew might have been for the racist rednecks I fear.

COINCIDENCE: Interesting feature on the top-500 British Family Names in The Observer.


Stephen Newton said...

Back in March Iain Dale was in Washington fund raising. He had a dinner with the Anglosphere Institute

They say they're not racist, but they promote a world order in which the UK and USA reign supreme, other predominantly white English speaking countries (plus South Africa) are ranked second. There's a third rank for the 'educated elites' of the West Indies and Indian sun-continent.

So don't be too surprised that he doesn't like gypsies.

Chris Paul said...

Indeedy Stephen. No great surprise. But his line that there is nothing racist about Dozey Dorrie's post and his promotion of it is very odd. He also stuck up for Mercer while admitting Cameron had to shoo him from the high table.

Chris Paul said...

BTW the old hag is not supposed to be a gypsy it's supposed to be her well-travelled rellies in Ireland that filled her mind with this shit.