Monday, April 02, 2007

Other People's April Fools: Carr on Dale

Calum Carr has posted a convincing April Fool story claiming that he has only just noticed that ID (Iain Dale) is at times - well all the time almost - a wee bit SMUG. Ha ha ha. ID hides it so well though doesn't he? This is exactly what we love about Iain Dale.

Along with his peculiar non-grasp of economics, statistics and the like; plus his maven qualities and his good grasp of political literature and intrigue. It's that old right brain - left brain dichotomy. Though some of us, natch, have both sides working tolerably well.

PS Calum, if you want to get your stats up you'll have to go over and nah-nahh-na-naaah-na on ID's and other Tory sites. Works a treat. Try picking up the old Guardian Paul Delaire-Staines story!

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JayBee said...


This may say more about me than it does about ID.

My post was no April Fool. I was giving an honest opinion which, given the virtually nil traffic, I assumed would be seen by no-one.

I've been blogging for only a month and ID's blog was an obvious place to visit. I must admit I wasn't too taken by his blog - although it's a tad better than mine.

I was stuck for something to write and, having seen and heard ID twice in the previous 18h, I was annoyed by his smugness - a trait I didn't know was seen by others. To be honest, I wasn't even thinking about an April Fool.

Also thanks for the advice.