Sunday, April 29, 2007

Telegraph Website: A War Picture Library for the 21st Century "I really enjoy it"

When I was a lad Commando Comics and the War Picture Library used to have half a dozen standard stories. Most of the second world war ones involved evil Luftwaffe Stukas strafing our defenceless troops on the ground, though above a Hurricane is wreaking revenge. Achtung! Achtung!

The Telegraph brings the stories bang up to date with tales of derring-do from the heroes of the US airborne cavalry:

But for now, the American airmen are not losing any sleep over it. "When you are on top of the enemy you look, shoot and it's, 'You die, you die, you die'," Lt Denton said.

"The odds are on our side. I really enjoy it.

I told my wife, if I could come home every night then this would be the perfect job."

Of course there has been an outcry over our Navy people selling their stories and in one case getting falling over drunk in front of paps and being named and shamed for it.

However US Forces make a habit of talking like this to the media.

Videos are provided. As they are with this Telegraph story. Often with obscene levels of glee being expressed in the wild track sound as the "video games" progress.
Is this necessary or useful?

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