Monday, May 28, 2007

Bob Marshall-Andrews QC: Could this be the Prime Minister That Got Away?

Dizzy pulls Richard Caborn's leg over his words "drive by shooting" in this Telegraph item.

This quotes one Gill Marshall-Andrews, Chair of the Gun Control Network sandbagging Dave-id Cameron for being soft on guns. Could this perchance be any relation to the "Probably the best orator we have in the House", (Simon Hoggett - The Humanist) viz Bob Marshall-Andrews QC MP? Backed Brown, they say, rather than Campaign Group comrade John McDonnell, as he had wanted a run out himself.

Well yes. Bob let's on to a tangential interest, and again here in funnily enough backing a government, Home Office measure on replica guns.

But as a lover of all sports, according to his own homepage will he be quite so on board in wanting to continue the suppression of sports pistols, as used to win medals in 2012 pistol and modern pentathlon events?

This by the way is National Gun Week or some such ... pop down to your local range to take a pop. Bob in Green Wellies is gazing anxiously over the Medway marshes, ready to repel wetbacks from Tory lands with his bare hands. Longing for the days when guns was guns, and HE was making the headlines.


Anonymous said...

Are you seriously suggesting that BMA harboured serious ambitions to be a "left" candidate in a leadership election?

Chris Paul said...

LOL's many spies in the corridors at power confirm and corroborate tales from the crypt of the HoP c mid 2005 in which BMA was poised to collect the 70+ names needed to mount an in-service challenge that could have seen Blair done for - with blood on the carpet.

There came to be a growing fear in the land that if this stalking horse approach were successful BMA would led his 70+ nominations go to his head and prepare to ask the LP and LM in the country for a mandate to lead. For this reason various other less "throroughbred" stalking horses, or donkeys were readied for the engagement which never came.