Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Iain Dale: Another Day Another Broken promise

Iain Dale made a solemn promise at 10:23 AM yesterday:

I'm not going to comment on every single poll that is released, but I thought it worth mentioning this one as it proved my point!

And fourteeen hours later ... he's back commenting on every poll. But 12% for the Lib Dems! Hey hey. Though Iain doesn't bother referring to the electoral calculus that now predicts a workable absolute Labour majority of 28. Their last prediction was just four so this is moving fast and in the right direction. The best recent poll of course was at a 70-80 majority.

Next Iain will be standing by his promise to stamp out gratuitous abuse and swearing and stopping his sock poodles calling me "cunt" in comments.

No, actually he will not. He says one thing and does another all the time. Like a good Cameroon nu tory should.

UPDATE: Mr Dale suggests, possibly disingenuously, that he had no idea; claims I only had to ask, which I did; and kills at least some of the potty mouthed banter.


jailhouselawyer said...

If you recall, I have called Iain Dale both a hypocrite and a liar. I stand by my accusations.

Chris Paul said...

Watch out. He may start calling you names too! He has? Or having The Hitch issue violent threats! he has? Dale is a bit of a gangster really isn't he?

Iain Dale said...

Chris, I have several hundred comments on my blog yesterday. I could not possibly read every one. Had you emailed me and alerted me to it I would have removed it immediately. I have just done so.

I thought you would have welcomed me commenting on a poll showing the LibDems at 12%. Obviously not.

Chris Paul said...

Iain, I think if you read my post you will find me welcoming the 12% LD figure as well as your breaking your own word so very soon.

As for the potty mouthed sock terriers you maintain, it must be said I'd be more likely to believe your plea of ignorance of their cuntery if:

(a) You hadn't taken part in the same discussion in comments;
(b) And other discussions where this came up; and
(c) You didn't have a record for reading almost all your comments and pouncing on mine with your "just typical" insults.

You may of course be typing the truth but because of the patterns in your track record I simply do not believe you.

Anonymous said...

Chris is right not to believe the impression you are trying to give Iain. However it seems that like Harriet and Hazel you speak weasel and you have not in fact denied having seen the comments.

So (d) You haven't denied reading it

Ted Foan said...

Chris - I didn't realise that you could be so effronted by the sort of extreme comments that you have been getting from the LibDem mafia that spend all their time anti-blogging all your unintelligible garbage. (Sock poodles?)

Don't you realise that all these so-called "popular Conservative" blogs have been infiltrated by the Brown spin machine?

Or did you think you could become a cult by virtue of your own intellectual ability?

Chris Paul said...

Time will tell "Diablo".

Effront is not a widely known verb transitive however. Effrontery (n) is shameless cheek. Affronted is feeling or at least claiming upset at such. I'm not actually. I say so on Iain's blog. I don't care one bit about this childish banter.

It is Iain's fragile reputation as a truth telling fair broker that is exercising me.

He says he'll stop "them". He is at best selective. And he often goes blue himself the day after warning others. And let's be fair, only lasting 14 hours on his promise not to fixate on polls is pretty damned poor by any standards.

I suspect you are also sadly confused over the meaning of "unintelligible garbage". If not you will perhaps give some examples? Make an argument why don't you? Clever clogs.