Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dale's Exclusive: How 'Spinning Iain' Played Journalism With Political Editors

Iain Dale's Exclusive speculation about four leading Sunday political journalists has been completely and utterly rebutted by those very journalists. Three out of the four anyway.

GB might I suppose have discovered one hollow vessel Tory stooge, in no small part thanks to Iain.

Iain claimed that these four journalists had been cowed into not getting opposition comments on a Gordon Brown speech. They simply say they were reporting the speech and didn't want or need rent-a-quotes. Which seems very reasonable.

Iain has written an update on his story but is regretably still arguing the toss and trying to tell senior professionals what's their normal working practice, or should be. Regretably he is wrong again.

While his enthusiasm for his "exclusive" is admirable, and he's clearly got a bee in his bonnet about all sorts of people seeking to control their own media, Iain's clearly taking some wild punts.

Guido meanwhile is having it both ways. Quite pleased at the discomfort, yet saying Iain is somehow right. At least Iain Dale didn't do it on Newsnight as the GUFster did.


Hamer Shawcross said...

Iain got his arse handed to him on a plate.

Happily, his handy sockpuppets were there to tell him that the editors were terribwy, terribwy mean. And probably LYING!


Chris Paul said...

What a lovely expression that is.

ID is on a rather quixotic quest to stop people - other than ID - setting any agendas or using their free choice to decide when and how they talk to the media. Which is a shame. Could concentrate on the Tories to be going on with though as they are more likely to give a toss what he says. Or perhaps not.

Results of research show he will get over it and move onto something else. His swearing ban lasted about two days didn't it?

Better this than his run of anti-women posts though, which he has been making up for.

Such as by telling off those Irish guys for only having 12% women in the Dail ... and the Tories have 8% of their reps in the HoP and 4% in the EP. CAWP at Queens, Belfast.

So what was he thinking of?

Here we are talking about him as if he's not in the room. Shame on us.

Iain Dale said...

What utter, utter bollocks. I can hardly believe you write such crap.

Chris Paul said...

Well, thanks "Iain". Is that really you? Anyway assume it is. Is it all utter bollocks and crap? Or just bits? Which bits?

Just explain one thing. Why did you jeer at the Irish for only having 12% women in the Dail when the Tories have 8% in the HoP and 4% in the EP?

Your exclusive is, sad to say, looking a complete and utter punt. At best extending from one (now exposed) source who may or may not have been got at to the whole MSM. Denying the right of organisations to try to manage their press too.

I don't visit your site with insults and no arguments. You make not like the arguments but at least there are some of them.

So please try an argument or two not just insults.

Why did this story go so wrong? There are reports like these all over the papers every weekend. Political parties like other organisations try their best to control their press. So what?

I think you have a great blog.

But I think you are currently trying a tiny bit too hard. I do wonder about where you are going with all this. Seems a bit chaotic to be honest.

And yes, I know I have only been blogging as LOL for 6 months. But it is virtually 25 years since my first publishing and journalism gigs.

Hamer Shawcross said...

"What utter, utter bollocks. I can hardly believe you write such crap."

A riposte worthy of Guido Fawkes himself.

Chris Paul said...

Yes, Iain truly is the blogging expert's blogging expert. Never loses his composure.