Saturday, June 02, 2007

Libdemologists: Cracks Appear Left Right and Centre

Libdemologists continue to rabbit about their strange London Assembly selection and going beyond The Spectator speculation of Campbell and Clegg being offered Brown cabinet posts we find some still more worrying insights over at The Liberal. One Mr Kovar is predicting that Clegg will go Blue as Ming goes Red and that the party could then split in two.

The Liberal should know I suppose. If this were to happen it would be very interesting to see which directions this league of mavericks scattered in. For example John McLeech was making all the loyal noises about backing Kennedy 100% while in the same breath backing Clegg who did not run. He then signed up for Huhne. Which way would he jump? With the L Ron Hubbard or the Tom Cruise of the Libdemologists?

Lame Duck A L'Orange has been digging away at this for a while but dried up in March. Minger = lame duck, Cleggy = chicken.

We also get a confusing run down of Labour arts policy from me-me-me Ms Clemency Burton-Hill who seems to be crying over milk that's very much filling the glass, and a powerful attack on the murderous Mugabe from Peter Tatchell.

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