Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Nadine Dorries: Superstition Aforethought?

Ministry of Truth has taken apart Nadine Dorries' whimsy and prejudice about abortion and the one true church using facts and arguments.

As Unity says, fisking Nadine is something akin to shooting fish in a barrel. But this is a very patient, determined and extensive piece of work countering a piece of delusional fiction (if I just slip off the fence for a mo).

Nad seems to have no permalinks in place. But her original post is called 'Abortion' and a follow up 'The Cardinal'. Currently 3rd and 2nd on the blog, with the 1st dealing with her, er, silly and clumsy moments. It's hard to believe she has those.


Stephen Newton said...

Is it cruel to say that the idea of finding Mad Nad's knickers in the gym car park makes my stomach churn?

Interestingly, that annecdote secured 46 comments, against 6 and 12 for the abortion posts. That includes Mike H who seems keen to retrieve them for her and finishes his comment with a smiley face.


Chris Paul said...

Ugh and double ugh. I'm glad I didn't delve too deeply in those comments. ND is on full moderation so she must like that kind of attention.