Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bloggerheads: Intimidating Hobby Horse Bloggers

Bloggerheads is on the war path. He has been intimidating the publishers of Lit Con Watch and Lib Fibs into outing themselves. Under a series of threats they buckle and admit they are Labour supporters, but independent minded. And strangely they don't like Tories and Lib Dems much.

Bit of a storm in a teacup isn't it? Some enthusiasts doing their bit. Naturally LOL gave anonymous enquirers a bit of a run around. But where's the pain?

Incidentally, their claim (on Lit Con Watch) that Mr Lit has an address in Chelsea seems to be the source of some distress among the mature, serious bloggers. Not sure why? If the multi-millionaire impressario doesn't have a second, third and fourth address what is he playing at? Conspicuous consumption is what we want. He is standing for Cameron's Tories after all. Not the other lot. Get to it Mr Lit!

JOKE: "What was it about the multimillionaire Tony Lit that attracted you Mr Cameron?" With apologies to Debbie McGhee and that magic bloke.

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