Monday, July 16, 2007

Ealing Southall: Questions for Cocktail Cam

Labour's Joan Ryan poses some tough questions for Dave-id Cameron:

Whisky Sours all round as Tory Campaign Collapses

Labour talks to local residents whilst Cameron throws a cocktail party

Whilst all the other political parties are on the doorstep talking to local voters about their concerns, David Cameron's Conservatives will be toasting Tony Lit at an exclusive cocktail party tonight.

Joan Ryan, Labour's Vice Chair Campaigns said: "With breathtaking arrogance and staggering complacency David Cameron's Conservatives are oblivious to what is really going on in Ealing and Southall.
"If there was any sense of reality it would be whisky sours all round.
"When he turns up for his fourth visit to Ealing instead of drinking rusty nails,he should be courteous enough to answer the questions local residents continue to ask David Cameron:
"When did David Cameron know that Tony Lit's Sunrise Radio handed over a £4,800 cheque to the Labour Party on 15 June?
"When did David Cameron know that Tony Lit attended a Labour Party fundraiser on 20 June?
"Did Tony Lit tell David Cameron the truth before he was hand-picked by Cameron for the Ealing Southall by-election?
"Did David Cameron tell Ealing Southall Conservative Party members that his hand-picked candidate had been at a Labour fundraiser eight days before he was appointed as by-election candidate?
"Does David Cameron agree with Tory campaign manager Grant Shapps that "We've learned a lot from recent by-elections. We've learned you have to have the right candidate, and if you do, that completely changes the story of the campaign."? (Observer, 15/7/07)
"Does David Cameron still believe that "Tony Lit is a brilliant candidate"? (Mail on Sunday, 15/7/07)
"Does David Cameron still agree with Alan Duncan, who says on webcameron "I've run by-elections when it's all gone the wrong way, this one just feels as though it is going the right way"?.

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