Monday, July 02, 2007

Iain Dale: Exclusive Libdemologists Party Pieces

Great work from Iain Dale with follow up and comment from the excellent Thunder Dragon which had previously been flying under my radar.

In brief Libdemologists are - according to the Tory agent Grant Shapps MP - organising a corrupt and law-breaking prize draw system which enters households with a window poster for a £50 prize draw and those with a tree or garden poster for £250. Sounds tempting doesn't it?

Let's hope the follow up story is of how the "winners" in these draws "surprisingly" turn out to be "Libdemologists". Lord Chris Rennard has issued a short example of weasel tongue and non-denial in response:

Thanks for your letter. I have never heard of this practice and have certainly never been responsible for it.
Best wishes,
Chris Rennard

Iain goes on to quote his great friend Melissa Kite's speculations on poor Ming Campbell's grip on power. Sadly the Lib Dems are unlikely to place third in Southall where Tories have selected the Lib Dem and Labour reject Tony Lit. See comments here.

On the other hand, gladly, this means Ming may stay wreaking his whirlwind of damage and dissent ... before he crosses the floor for a place alongside Lord Toby Belch in Brown's government. We can wait.

Up here in Manchester Withington LOL are still waiting for Cllr John Leech MP and/or his Sock-Muppet-in-Chief "Hazy" Glover to respond to a litany of likely breaches of protocol, election law, and expenses limits in Leech's 2005 campaign and since.

Not to mention their sick and twisted Christie Hospital Hoax, which incidentally continued on April Fool's Day, with leaflets distributed to patients in chemo and radio-therapy waiting rooms.

Naturally they have not responded to the suggestion that to broker an advantage in local government elections Mr Leech distributed a "parliamentary report" largely promoting council candidates, including pictures of Lib Dem material, and largely paid for by the tax payer. Within and outside his constituency boundaries.

Well done Iain Dale. This is an excellent story. And it resonates everywhere that the apolotical and stop-at-nothing Lib Dems weave their wicked webs of deceit.


Anonymous said...

"Excellent story"? Shame the Tories haven't presented any evidence... but I guess if you idea of excellence is to throw mud without evidence, then it's a fine example of the breed.

Chris Paul said...

"Throwing mud without evidence" - god you lot are shameless. How about shouting from the rooftops that a Hospital was closing with absolutely no evidence.

Let's hope the evidence comes through. In the meantime the story is credited both here and back at Iain's as the accusation of the Tory agent.