Thursday, July 19, 2007

Iain Dale: That Old Pot Black, Kettle Noir Routine

Iain is rather self-righteously calling thusly: The BBC Must Take Full Responsibility. The accusations are in a nutshell that they are making mistakes, failing to take responsibility, and scapegoating others.

Iain reports in comments that when he has been involved in things with Channel 4 they have picked over it all with a fine tooth comb. Quite right too. Unlike say, Endemol, Iain's fact checking and policies could and should be far better than they are. BBC! Steer clear or do the same.

For a handy example Iain claims the production company RDF have been "banned" from ever making a programme again. In fact there is a simple and very reasonable "pause" while RDF, the BBC and the individuals involved fast forward to find out just how she-who-must-be-portrayed came to be so fiendishly "slighted".

Obviously Hilda is not a bad old stick. She has graciously accepted an apology from an ignorant colonial and from a cheeky and/or careless state broadcaster and their feckless minions.

But let's face it she is Thief of All She Surveys and that eternal truth is what's bugging Iain and his cast of thousands.

They think the BBC is run by a load of pinko republicans who are on to the fact that the Monarchy are simply the blow hards and in-breds at the top of the Robber Baron Tree.

That the royal succession has often been fudged, with a narrow escape for spawn-of-royal-bastards Dave-id "only me" Cameron, and that Britain would quite frankly be better off with some bicycling paupers doing pagaentry every now and then.


jailhouselawyer said...

Oh Dear, he really did lose it over at Bob's place. Thanks for the support.

Chris Paul said...

No worries. He doesn't seem to get over here much these days. Fighting on neutral ground instead.

Anonymous said...

I'd say QE2 can look after herself and the last thing she needs is Dale sticking up for her. How presumptious that fella is.