Monday, July 02, 2007

Dale's Diary: Shadow Cabinet Media Tarts for June

Should anyone wish for a rundown of the Tory "Shadow Cabinet" try this one. Although they have got more media mentions than their Lib Dem oppos I reckon that as Ming's these are mainly minging.

Cameron really is rather short of talent. He even has to keep his sworn enemies and soon-to-be leadership rivals in many of the major positions. When he reshuffles it will be interesting to see whether Dave-id has the bottle to take out his rivals. And if so what waifs and strays he finds to replace them.

UPDATE: Iain Dale has provided the list and is in the process of providing a paragraph on each. Obviously looking pretty weedy beyond the top three, ignoring Dave-id who is getting weaker by the day.


Anonymous said...

More women and outside talents.
It's laughable copycattery.
Comprehensive Dave is just going through the motions.

Chris Paul said...

Comprehensive? You mean Slough Comp?

Anonymous said...

He hates grammars.

Chris Paul said...

Ahhhh, yes. They are a socialist trick to allow working class oiks to claw their way in the world.

Do we have team NUJ for tomorrow's quiz?

Anonymous said...


Just taken a first look at your seems a little strange that most of your posts seem to link to Iain Dale's website...does he pay you?

Chris Paul said...

Hello anon

No he does not. And it simply ain't true that "most" of my posts link to Dale. Though he is rather error prone and he sometimes does latch onto a good story early.

Do you know: I once went for a week without linking to a single one of his stories!?

Currently I'm Dale's 28th most important referrer. That's numerically. And in quality ... at the very top.