Thursday, August 23, 2007

Libdemologists: Almost as Out of Date as Redwood

You have to laugh! Laugh out loud even. First at the hilarious news that John Redwood is "ten years out of date" (quelle surprise) and then of course scroll down, and just an hour or two earlier find Mark Pack's LDV with another hot story. A magnificent GM food scoop.

And Labour of Love thought this was very grand and rushed into pixels ourselves, pausing only to photochop up an imaginary canteen poster for Monsanto's HQ in High Wycombe:

Genetically Modified "Green Giant" Monsanto who have tried to patent porkies and also trade mark the word 'imagine' have been forced to ban GM in their own staff canteen. Top spot from Mark Pack at Lib Dem Voice. You can report LOL for using Monsanto's logo without permission and specifically the word "imagine" without TM next to it here.

I am LOVING GM Food. Yum yum. Sing along: "I love to eat they porkies, porkies what I love to eat, bite they little heads off, nibble on they tiny feet".
But I am NAUSEATED by the Monsanto AGGRO Business Model and the attempt to Trademark IMAGINE.

On the Lib Dem Voice page it looked a bit like this (click to enlarge), annotations LOL's own:

So Libdemologists as top news hounds and futurologists? I don't think so! Stuck in the past? Looks like it!

In actual fact there was a Political Blogsclusive, if not world press exclusive there in LOL's piece. That Monsanto were trying to Trademark and control the word "imagine", never mind every seed and organism under the sun.

Naturally, when LOL considered doing a proper story and delved a bit deeper ... Here was the BBC and The Independent recorded getting the story first. And here was the Press Release from Friends of the Earth that set the hounds running.

So how many minutes, hours, days, weeks, months ,,,, er, years did it take for Lib Dem Voice (and their source of course) to run this very fine story? Seven years and eight months, that's how long.

There's a moral to this story, and that is this, always take a shufty, before you take the piss. Watch out for more red herrings from this crew!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, I think...

Chris Paul said...

A glorious juxtaposition Mark. I thought it was a great story in the first instance ... but then I checked it.