Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tory Boy Blogger: Same Old Nasty Nasty

Having just received one of the most vile and out of order comments ever from a Tory blogger LOL have decided to officially ask their party - nationally and in their constituency - to ensure that they cease and desist. More anon. If the comment is removed by the morning and/or an apology received this will no doubt be taken into account by all concerned. But I have the screen grabs.


fairdealphil said...


saw the comment from the tory blogger. absolutely disgusting.

i look forward to the Tory apology.

but if it's as good as the one they've made to the hospitals for scaremongering, they'll probably withdraw it after a few minutes...

disarray or wot.

Chris Paul said...

disarray upon disarray really

a press release is not safe in their hands never mind the NHS