Thursday, September 20, 2007

13 Minutes to Midnight: Get Your Tory Primary Vote Now

Boris Johnson told a great stonking fib this morning. According to my confidential source. He emailed his whole crew and told them that today was the last day for VOTING him in. This was a lie. But it is the last time to spend £1.50 or so and get a vote in the London Primary. Here's how according to the liar Boris Johnson. Highlights with one correction in line one:

To vote get-a-vote in the Primary call 0906 555 5050.

The phone lines will be open: Until 9 pm and then it's all over 'til next time.

Calls cost £1.00p per minute from a BT Landline, other operators & networks may vary. Calls should cost no more that £1.50 (run by iTouch (UK) Ltd. EC2A 4PF)

The last day/time to register to receive your ballot paper is TODAY at 9PM.

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