Thursday, September 27, 2007

Derrida He Say: "There are Only Just So Many Sayables"

Dizzy Thinks has been playing with himself his new phone and so confesses to missing a stampede of two who are all fired up by some clever clogs tosh from Danny Finkelstein in The Times.

The jackanory story is that Gordon Brown's speech is overly close in wordage to some stuff by one Mr Shrum. Oh Come On! Do you not understand Danny, and Dizzy, that there are only so many "sayables"?

Gordon has apparently lifted, during the course of a 60-minute speech the following idiosyncratic elements:

1. Too serious
2. (Not) let you down
3. Moral compass
4. Waste

I thought when Dizzy pointed me to Danny it was going to be a bit more spectacular than one Brown speech having nine words in common with FOUR Shrum influenced orations.

I am not impressed! This by the way is Shrum with a war story about Gore, Bush and grand larceny in Florida:


Anonymous said...

You're a crap blogger. Disappear up your arse.

Chris Paul said...

Oooh, I'm gone. You are a pathetic coward.