Wednesday, September 26, 2007

From Lib Dem Street: Gordon Brown Solid & Dependable

Under the title "When a Vote Becomes a Wasted Vote" Suz confesses:

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I'd ever admit it but listening to Brown's speech he sounded solid and dependable pressing all the right buttons. Opposition activists will no doubt be screaming out "rubbish" or something ruder. I'm just considering how he is beginning to be perceived by the voting public, especially women, who are not particularly committed to any party.

In fact Suz thinks that this warmth towards Gordon is such a good opportunity that he'd be a fool to pass it up. She thinks it would - despite their "bring it on" talk - depress the Tory party heartily. Though they would get a chance to palm Dave off on some charity or think tank. Oxfam perhaps? Saw that blogged somewhere.

Suz has been reading what passes for "analysis" at Mr GuF's these days. Talking of a Lib Con coalition in the now hugely unlikely event of a hung parliament. Although Lib Dems are in such coalitions in for example Birmingham, York (de facto) and Leeds our independently minded former Lib Dem and current Brownite Suz wonders: "how does anybody dare suggest such an extraordinary idea?"

Suz would obviously much prefer to be in bed with Gordon rather than Dave-id, politically speaking.

PARENTAL GUIDANCE: Interesting commentary at GuFs, but bad ass swearing.

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