Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Guido Fawkes: God, "we're on fire today"

Guido, are you still actually trying? A story from November 2006?

God, "we're on fire today" as your illustrious namesake once said as he proudly yet rather sadly viewed and savoured the whiff of the coulli of his own big bbq'ing coilons.

The story is about internet censorship. It might as well be about intellectual property theft as Guido nicks the above map from RSF without link or attribution and makes a spurious connection to some half-arsed Blair blether. Earth to Guido: "Blair is Gone". Please don't rip off any more real internet freedom warriors.

There is not even a click through link from the stolen image.

The map and other professionally produced goodies can be downloaded free (donations welcome) here and was produced gratuitously by Fabrica and altered unceremoniously by LOL. Don't want to offend Boris.


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Guido's balls of fire, nice image ...