Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Luke Akehurst: "Finally Some Good News" - anon

What a shame. I'm almost crying here. Blogger and sometime PPC Luke Akehurst failed to prosper in the Labour Party elections for the newly boosted National Policy Forum (NPF).

Luke labels the champion and runner up Nicky Gavron and Alon or-Bach as soft left and other defeatees, like himself, Laura Bruni, Francis Prideaux and Lorraine Monk are labelled as Grassroots Alliance.

There are no labels then for Lisa Holman and Joanne Milligan who got on, or for Luke hisself, Mike Katz, or Chris Roberts who did not.

Presumably all representing the "moderate" aka "hard right" wing of the party?

"Finally some good news" writes anon in Luke's comments ... that was LOL, pause, LOL again. Just short of ROFL.

But I have a serious question for Luke and his ilk when neither the unreasonable bolshy and impolite hard right loyallest member in the land (himself) nor the reasonable bolshy but soft spoken and polite (L, F and L) cannot have an input at this body on party policy:

The biggest group in the NEC representing CLP members (elected by OMOV and not by sadly often unrepresentative conference delegates) - broad-based McDonnellite-to-Brownite Grassroots Alliance - won no seats on the NPF. If this is indeed the new touchstone of party democracy this really isn't good enough is it? Well is it Luke?


Luke Akehurst said...

Sod democracy. I lost another damned election. You have no idea how many that is in a row. I think it's prejudice against my coiffure. And I'm stuffed once they bring in All Black Shortlists, aren't I? Can't exactly do a "Saturday Night with Bob Piper" when you've got ginger hair and freckles.

Chris Paul said...

Actually Luke the great Malian griot aka praise singer Salif Keita, with whom (griots, not SK who kicked the habit) you have a lot in common - singing the praises of whoever pays, like arms industry PR or hailing Blair through his worst days - is an albino and has red hair. And of course we Irish are a NVME group that'll be among the com-leagues at the front of the BME queue.