Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sanction to Graffiti: Government Whip Sanctions Spraying

Tom Watson MP is the only member of the government of the day currently pointing citizens at a nifty Buddhist Monk stencil and where exactly it can be downloaded (PDF). Radio Netherlands are providing an open channel to send messages of solidarity while Labour blogger Mike Ion has an excellent collection of Burma links. The BBC helps on the old Myanmar/Burma which turns out to be so much Tom-ato, Tomate-o or Mumbai, Bombay. Hat tip: Pickled Politics.


Anonymous said...

Ireland 22 Argentina 15????

Fuck off you moron!!!

Chris Paul said...

Well done the Pumas on a not altogether unexpected 30-15 win over the boyos.

Next up you mash Scotland. Then you get utterly mashed up by South Africa. If only you were playing in the front row with your potty mouth. The Springboks would fix that.

And doh! ... we do know who you are with your gratuitous swearing before the watershed.

But if you are too thick to link to your own blog with your thicko off topic comments then we're not doing it for you.

Basically a rugby match in France at the group stage is not as significant as monks being killed by soldiers in Burma. Is it?