Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rugby World Cup: Just Ten Minutes to Go, 15-6 Down

Has been a fascinating if scrappy game. Decision on Tait Cueto touch down at start of second half has made a huge difference. Thought it was good myself. Only two or four points, but a huge difference.

Nine points in ten minutes is a huge ask at this level. At any level.

71. Drop goal attempt falls short. 72. Man of match = RSA line out player/vice captain. Excellent grub kick from Tait. Lose line out. 73. Line out on RSA. Lose it. 22. England need a converted try and a pen or dg. 76. Penalty to RSA deep in own half. 77. RSA are running down the clock . 78. Commentator says "RSA are running down the clock".

79. England knock on. RSA win. Some of the ITV commentary really was twaddle. Two minutes to go: "they need a try and then a drop goal". Whereas the other way round would have made more sense.

Apart from the decision on the try England lost this in the line out where South Africa monstered them completely.

UPDATE: Tait Cueto trailed his toe just onto the whitewash before balletically, beautifully lifting his boot. It was in fact an excellent decision.

APOLOGIES: to Mr Tait, Mr Cueto and my readers for a woeful factual inaccuracy.


Anonymous said...

It was Mark Cueto who went over for the disallowed try - not Matthew Tait.

You must try harder to get your facts right Chris.

Chris Paul said...

True enough. My apologies to Matthew Tait and Mark Cueto both. And to my dear readers. I will of course immediately correct my error, unlike some people I might mention.