Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chris Huhne and Nick Clegg: Pants Pants Pants Pants

Question Time: Goodness me these two are big pants. Huhne's stories of a few Town Halls with pragmatic Lab-Con administrations seems extraordinary given the number of Lib-Con arrangements. Hardly any Lib-Lab arrangements.

Time to switch over. This is awful. Vince Cable is far better than either of them.

Meanwhile Suz Blog has an assessment of the Paddick selection (above) that is most interesting. The suggestion is that shortlisting Chamali Fernando and Fiyaz Mughal was both race card playing - a scrap thrown to the Equality lobby - and setting up sitting ducks for Paddick to thrash.

Former Man Wit Lib Dem PPC Yasmin Zalzala continues to post on average once a week on this race cards we have known thread.


Tom said...

They really were both atrocious, weren't they? Not a straight answer in sight.

Chris Paul said...

Absolutely appalling. And they've another six weeks of this exposure to show them up.

The Suz analysis of the London mayoralty selection is well worth disseminating I feel.

Anonymous said...

Has their been a complaint from the candidates?

I think it is unwise the attribute every ethnic minority non win as a racist action.

For one thing it demeans the complainers with a real beef and for a second it does not serve the cause of equality in this country.

Chris Paul

Please do not associate my story with every ethnic minority non win.
However well motivated you are.

The two candidates who did not win in the London Mayoral election for the Lib Dems can speak for themselves.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Paddick is just an opportunist. He was taking a "Let's back Ian, he's my mate" line on Question Time just after the health and safety fiasco but given how the general public are now clamouring for Blair's head on a plate has changed his tune to a "sack Ian" line. Quelle surprise.

Chris Paul said...

Yasmin: Lib Dem candidates nationally have been complaining about the ridiculously poorly thought through and unsuccessful Equality drive of the Lib Dems starting with appointing a white middle aged man to run the project.

There were specific complaints from BME candidates over the shortlisting and selection for GLA candidates. I don't know whether there have been in this case.

These two had little or no chance of selection against Paddick due to low profile as would most conceivable white candidates but the accusation - from a Lib Dem activist - is that the slots were given to BME candidates in a tokenist way to appear to give them a chance.

Paddick was going to thump any opposition anyway.

As to the association with your case I agree it is not direct but I wanted to let people know that you are still posting on this general area of interest. The way blogs tend to work many readers would not realise as the post you're using is tucked away deep in the archives.

When I have time I will put up a separate post drawing attention to the highlights of your activity but for the meantime would like to leave the link here as it does relate to a "race cards" thread which was - believe it or not - supposed to be about any and all incidents and allegations and not just the famous Yasmin Zalzala!

Chris Paul said...

Rupa: Paddick is a Lib Dem. Forcing Blair to go may seem like good politics and it may even be justified. But not for my money by the JCdM case on its own. He should be forced to go if there is a pattern of him winning far less than he's losing. Not for losing on a few cases. That is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris Paul. Your co-operation is appreciated and I share your disappointment that my bloggings have not been shared by anyone else.

My point is that we should concentrate on concrete examples.

I too when I was still active in the Lib Dems, went for a hustings where I knew I would not win. I went in for the experience of intereview etc etc

So may be this case is similar? Unless the candidates themselves have complained of course.

PS I am not defending the Lib Dems!

Anonymous said...

Susanne Lamido of course has proved to be homophobic by writing about "Gay Mafia" OR "Gafia". She doens't like men with whom she can't flirt in order to gain influence. And as Paddick is a gay man, no wonder Lamido doesn't like him.