Friday, November 16, 2007

Facebook: Christie Hospital Hoaxer 2 Lucy Powell 248

South Manchester Distorter Reporter have eyes like hawks and sticky out ears and social networks to die for as they pick up exclusively on Manchester Withington Labour PPC Lucy Powell's super soaraway facebook popularity. Lucy Powell (above) has 248 friends and counting.

By contrast the Reporter's hard hitting investigation revealled that some folk are relatively exceedingly unpopular (two friends) and don't take such a good photo to boot. Embarrassing for them as a recent BBC Report that the Lib Dems are supposedly the most effective users of the network.

Lucy Powell can be found at facebook here. For the sake of fairness in the race for the constituency we would also link to Leech. But sadly Cllr John Leech MP - infamous for his Christie Hospital Closure Hoax - has pre-emptively and dishonourably resigned from facebook.

It's a start. He should resign as part-time Councillor and MP with an apology for disgracefully hoaxing vulnerable chemotherapy and radiotherapy patients and the residents of the constituency that their lifeline was closing.



lorenzo23 said...

Is there a follow up story - MP goes off in a huff and thinks all Facebook users are very silly.

Now we have to wait until April 2008 before he resigns his 10k a year council seat.

Chris Paul said...

10k? Is he not taking the full 15k then? Yes 15k. Plus his 60k from the HoP. Though it must be said he'll not be making much money from speaking tours and the like - he is a truly atrocious speaker.

Anonymous said...

That picture of a very piggy-eyed and bleary focused Leech deserves wider publication.

Anonymous said...

Its a shocker. Get it blogged Chris.

Chris Paul said...

It's there at the "some folk" link ... but due to unbelievable popular demand I'll get it up on the face of the blog.

Anonymous said...

There are copyright laws you know.

Chris Paul said...

Really, are there? Time the MSM started paying for stories nicked off bloggers then. And big blogs start paying small blogs for stories also.

Anonymous said...

All those friends of lucy powell on facebook

How many are members of the labour party and the labour constituency in withington?

Chris Paul said...

Hi Yasmin

You can go to Lucy's facebook page and look through her friends yourself. I expect they are quite a cosmopolitan crew from all round the UK and farther afield.

But of course some are Labour Party members in Manchester and some in Manchester Withington. Quite a small proportion though I'd guess.

For an example less than half my facebook friends are in Manchester and perhaps half of those are in Manchester Labour and half of those in Manchester Withington. Which comes out at about one in eight of my whole list.

Best wishes

Chris P

John Hacking said...

So what are you saying Yasmin? That Lucy shouldn't have friends in the Labour Party in her own constituency. Have you got a Facebook site and if so how many of your friends are Lib Dems in manchester Withington ( surely not double figures!!)

Why do you Lib Dems constantly snipe at people who are trying to communicate with people. It's like you've got some sort of control freakery.