Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Guido's Faustian Bargain: MP Trades Key Vote for Ermine

As other leading Tory boy blaggers slump towards irrelevance and sell out Guido has pulled himself together in a seasonal return to form. What a guy!

At this link he relays an anecdote. It's from a Martin Bell speech at Wolverhampton University.

MB claims he once overheard an MP in the house trading their vote for a peerage.

Not a Faustian bargain that could be enforced though is it? Would you really rely on a lowly whip to deliver an undeserved elevation? This is perhaps just some "hilarious banter". Staged for MB?

But whatever, LOL predict some scrabbling around by Guido and the adherents of his strange cult over the coming weeks and months to "out" any and all unearnt ermine. Naturally covering all parliaments since 1605. All of them I'd say.

ASIDE: The man in a white suit Martin Bell was a serial refusenik on NUJ membership. Who'd have thought it?

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