Friday, November 02, 2007

Libdemologists: Boys! Boys! Play Nice! Play Nice!

Norfolk Blogger is jumping into a well known trap. In a transparently negative political attack he is taking great lumps out of Chris Huhne for what? For a somehow completely different and, in Huhne's case, culpable negative political attack. That's on Clegg.

In a contest between chalk and chalk or cheese and cheese there has to be some attempt at differentiation. But in fact Clegg is the Libertarian Tory who is willing to add to his police record, which he began at a tender age remember. And Huhne is the other Libertarian Tory who is willing to nuance and indeed cloak his continued support for a nuclear deterrent.

The one selling himself as outward looking and modern (i.e. will sell soul for power). The other traditional yet modern (i.e. will shave beards and hide sandals for a new level of respectability, er, and power if that's OK with you chaps, yes alright will sell soul too).

To paraphrase Guido neither Clegg nor Huhne has a dog in these fights. And iD cards (which I oppose in general, and very strongly if compulsory) are not planned to be compulsory. So when does Cleggy's civil disobedience kick in?

2019? By which time the argument will have moved on a good deal I'll be bound. As the one on CCTV did. And Trident? Luke Akehurst and Tom Watson must be quaking at Huhne's opposition.

I remember the contest between Hughes and Opik for President. Opik said something about a previous life selling soap powder and finding avoiding negativity and talking up your own product was the best way - clearly the party elected the one that allowed the attack politics!

Nowhere is this better illustrated than in Manchester where all the rascals do is launch spurious attacks and promote fear and misery. Hat tip: Sadie.


Anonymous said...

Aren't ID cards gradually becoming compulsory.
Wont you have to get one when you renew your passport?
I thought so - am I wrong.

Anonymous said...

ID cards are a ridiculous idea, but I feel I could warm to them if they led to the incarceration of most of the libdem parliamentary party.....

Chris Paul said...

You'd be surprised at the proportion of people that have full passports. I am going to be taking up my Irish entitlement when I renew mine ... cheaper too.

Andy has a good point. If Cleggy and however many other law breaking Lib Dems are imprisoned that is at the very least a silver lining.

As with Top Up Fees the policy development and presentation on iD cards was very poor and you'd have thought the party would have learnt from that, but not really ...

Anonymous said...

And the next phase of the Flying Lion story is....?