Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sir George Osborne MP: Does He Lie To Own Children?

The First Post shares a delightful vignette from a fast foodery name of Tootsies. George (gideon) Oliver Osborne, the wallpapering heir and future 15th baronet has feral children. What a disappointment that must be to poor Mr GgOO.

George probably lies to them ceaselessly and without rest. In the same way he lies pestilently to the people of our great country. These children deserve our support. Poor little rich kids.

GgOO told the people of Manchester that they were each £50 a week worse off this year and a further £50 a week next year and so on for five years under Darling's plans as opposed to his:

[Headline]Families 'hit by tax bill of £50 a week'[/headline]

POORER families and struggling small businesses in Greater Manchester have been 'clobbered' by government tax rises, says shadow chancellor George Osborne.
He claims the tax bill for an average Manchester family will rise by £50 a week after Alistair Darling's recent tax rises.
Mr Osborne said the chancellor was 'out of his depth'.
The Tatton MP, shadow minister for Manchester, told the M.E.N. that the city would be particularly hard hit by Labour's 'wrongheaded' tax plans.
Mr Osborne said: "Hard working people across Manchester who save through their companies' share ownership could lose out as a result of Labour's latest tax rises.
"As usual, there wasn't a word of warning about this in the chancellor's pre-budget report but the average tax bill for a Manchester family will rise by £2,600 a year for the next five years."
He said Conservatives were committed to increasing the inheritance tax threshold sounding the death knell to death taxes, and lifting nine out of 10 first time buyers out of the stamp duty net."

What a big whopping fib that was.

The Manchester Evening News? Sadly they printed the Bullingdon Toff's lies without comment. Though they either didn't web them or took them down PDQ when they realised they'd been sold a pup.

GgOO's Channel 4 mendacity rating veers between a teeny 60% lying to a fulsome 90% lying and no mistake

"But Pater dear Pater! You lied to us! Your own dear children! We are minded to fling Bollinger Bottles at fox cubs until they are deaded. Like Pater's friends, allegedly. Do let us! Or we shall scweem and scweem and scweem!"

Hat tip: Old Mr GuF.


Anonymous said...

Hello again Chris.

I don't suppose you hear the collective groans from the blogosphere when you make your fatuous and puerile comments based on your immature and distorted view of the real world, do you?

But groan they do. "Stay local" Chris, 'cos you ain't going nowhere and nor is your blog. Accept you're fifth rate and just fade away.

It's the kindest cut!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that if you merge the rate at which national insurance contributions are paid with the starting rate for the top rate of tax, many middle earners will start to pay lots more tax - we can argue about sums and figures, but having this apparently innocent measure in the Queen's Speech some weeks after the Comprehensive Spending Review where nothing was said about this is distinctly odd!