Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tom Watson MP: Please Do Stop Teasing John Leech MP

Tom Watson MP has taken a week but finally got with the programme on Cllr John Leech MP and his very scarce facebook friends who could fit as you may recall on a tandem, or in a modest canoe.

Tom suggests that if John Leech had just a few good friends that might be some consolation for not quite having the numbers. Sorry to report that that tandem's crashed, the canoe's sunk, and Leechy's now got no friends at all. If Lucy Powell (above) continues to gain ten friends a week she'll surpass Honest (but lonely) John's fragile majority within a year.

But he does have a growing antipathy group calling for his immediate apology on his Christie Hospital Cancer Hoax lies. 122 members and counting.

Email possibly: Not sure. Apologise at once ... geddit?

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