Friday, December 14, 2007

Christianophobia: And Status of Westminster Hall Debates

Dave Ottewell catches Gregory Campbell of the Democratic Unionists making a lame joke in the "House of Commons".

In fact this hilarious gag was in a debate on 'Christianophobia' in Westminster Hall.

The norm there is the silence and tumbleweed that Dave thinks Gregory may have encountered. Hon Members with two jobs, no mates and hospital hoaxes on their conscience may big them up as "debates in the House of Commons" but to be more honest they are on the strictly fringe fare though included I think in MP's stats for speeches made.

Some recent debates with more than ten speeches are listed here.

Often participants can be counted on one hand and it rarely takes more than two. In this case eight Hon Members took part and there was a Chair to keep order. A soapbox at Hyde Park's speaker's corner can provide a bigger outlet.

Mr Campbell meanwhile has always been a joke entry. The link has him suggesting that 40,000 people from the Republic living in the North have NOT applied for British citizenship and just 270 have done so because of red tape rather than a complete lack of interest in becoming Brits. Image: BBC.

Mr Ottewell also has a post on Preparing for the Flop. Blackpool incidentally not only did not win the Casino decision, but they were not second, third or even fourth in the reckoning.

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