Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tory Cover Up: Photo Follies Continue in Redditch

Regular visitors to "Kazzer" Lumley's website will have noticed:

(a) the top story under latest news is from 30 July 2007, and

(b) it was nowt but a photograph of Lumley with Dave-id Cameron.

This is a cover-up, though almost as botched as the original photo-choppery. Because although the picture (top right) with DC has been used to replace the source of the donation picture (right) with DC the website masthead (below) remains the incriminating same donor pic.

Political Penguin has spotted that Kazzer uses the same purveyer of duff webbery as the Midlands Industrial Council.

Genius Hat Tip: Hopi Sen who is also teasing about an about to be unveiled Impermissible Tory donor, possibly something to do with a "witty" MP. Let's hope it's old Boris "water melon smile" Johnson.

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