Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Man Watching: Greater Spotted Tossers At Large

Recently a young woman of my acquaintance entered a retail emporium. There she saw a man and his girlf. The former showing every sign of being a textbook greater spotted tosser. Their gazes locked for an instant. Her appraisal may perchance have been imprinted on her lovely brown eyes. We think so. On turning away our heroine's 20:20 hearing picked up a hissed: "Are. You. A. Lesbian?"

Seems to happen to the best of them. All across the political spectrum. Scene reconstructed by David Cameron's inner tosser and feisty northern lass.


Anonymous said...

Speaks diamonds to those Lib Dems also.

Ted Foan said...

Pathetic and not even funny. Are you trying to slur David Cameron by connecting him to such tosh?

That is weak - very weak!

Anonymous said...


What is the point of your thread?

In fact, what is the point of you blogging full-stop?

Chris Paul said...

Oh do give over anonymous ... and as for you Diablo, suit yourself, it is about time that the Tory Tosser character had a run out again, remind us of the bad old days, just a few months ago.

It was amazing that a dyed in the wool tosser could read the body language (plus points) yet hiss a confirmation (minus points) out of earshot of girlf (extra minus points).

As for the US links ... that's what I call smearing and that's what I call right wing tossery. See?