Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tory Party Funding: Off Shore Cartelier Bungs Questioned

Missed this Crick blog story about a ludicrously large donation from the scion of a long time Tory donor. This lad of 32 called Tom Scott gave half a mill to the Conservatives back in summer 2006. More than his own house is worth. And shortly after dad - also a Tom Scott - became an extremely impermissible donor.

He had personally been an impermissible donor for quite a while, living as he did in Guernsey. But when he sold a vestigial UK company (a car dealership in Bournemouth) which he had used for a £50,000 bung or two reported by the Times in April 2006 the cartelier and cars, supermarkets and casinos magnate sadly lost this presumably entirely legal conduit.

Mr Crick has more of his hissiest insinuations while the Independent belied its status as a viewspaper by actually carrying the news.

Hat tip for the Crick: Hopi Sen. Hats off to Kevan Jones MP who is asking some tough questions of the never vigilant Electoral Commission.

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Phil said...

Good stuff, keep the stories of Tory sleaze coming!