Wednesday, January 09, 2008

90 Years On: Another Great and Muddy War of Attrition

A token post for the day. Private Lamin's Blog comprising letters and real events from exactly 90 years ago has proved a huge hit.

Simultaneously, following some meetings and encounters this evening, I am wondering which scurrilous mud about Lib Dem to Tory Cllr Faraz Bhatti and about Manchester Lib Dems will be first to be thrown across no man's land. A war of attrition. And very much the Christmas present for Labour that just keeps on giving.

Will any of Faraz's confidants who are up in May 2008 have the bottle to cross the floor before their election? Will Cllr John Leech MP keep his word and stand down rather than persisting as "two jobs" for up to two more years?


Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Leech announced that he is standing down. Surely that is what he intends to do. Or does he intend to hang on to his council seat as a bnaker if he gets bumped in the General.Otherwise he could go from 'two jobs' to 'no jobs'. Shame

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at you Chris. The fact that Manchester now has a tory councillor for the 1st time in 15 years, is bad for both parties, and for Manchester. For once, can you not forget about petty party politics and focus on the bigger political situation here? I actually don't think Faraz's defection is that bigger deal, for the Lib Dems politically, but it is a big deal for Manchester which was practically destroyed under the Tories. I'd pay so much more attention to what you wrote if it wasn't always such drivel.

Anonymous said...

no wonder you never get picked as a candidate for the stalinists.You are the Ena Sharples of blogging,gossip and nonsense

Chris Paul said...

It is indeed sad to have a Tory councillor. But that is a given. Can't be helped now.

The fact this person crossed from the Lib Dems - which strong rumours of more to follow - is obviously good news for Manchester Labour rather than for Manchester Lib Dems and therefore for Manchester as every Lib Dem candidate and councillor will now be under closer scrutiny.

In my view there are a good number that won't stand up to such scrutiny. Faraz never knew why he was a Lib Dem or what that was supposed to mean. He may now find out even more than he already knows about LD behaviour.

There is an absence of real politics in Manchester Lib Dems and other local Lib Dems. In fact the party name is a flag of convenience that is little or no significance for many who fly it. And for the electorate it is for the most part a protest vote.

A big slice of your voters ARE ex-Tory supporters, making a strange alliance with real Liberals and more recent protestors. It is a weird and ultimately unsustainable alliance. If they peel off and start voting Tory again that will be a good thing for Manchester. As Faraz says the Lib Dems are not an effective opposition. Not close.

Ena Sharples? Is that good benchill??