Friday, January 04, 2008

BBC News 24: Spinning the Iowa Primary like a Top

This time yesterday BBC News 24 were correctly stating that BO was ahead with the real question whether JE or HC would edge second place. Today they are calling the 38:30:30:2 outcome a "surprise". You think they'd take the credit?

Seems to me that whatever the history of Iowa and New Hampshire primaries in past elections all bets should be off this time. Here we have a woman, a black american and a kind of socialist making the running for the Democrats, and therefore for the whole contest. At least two don't have any real funding issues. And a year out with such a mould breaking crew contesting the nomination, and no incumbents in the field, the history of primaries is near irrelvant.

As far as it goes though Mark Pack at LDV explains the Iowa form book here and New Hampshire here.

Michael Moore was calling for Gore to join in but slightly backing Edwards on Wednesday and conveying the fact that TWICE AS MANY "democrats" turned out to caucus as "republicans" (239,000 vs 115,000), and now seeming to be backing Obama on Thursday.

Parbury is of course a long time BO-ite but it must be said that as a prima ballerina his pliƩs leave something to be desired.

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