Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bullingdon Club: Whole Membership Now Fit in One Cab

Three of the current Tory front bench - AT LEAST - are members of the Bullers. The Bullingdon Dining Club. Old in song and story. The backbone of Dave Cameron's Future Fantasy Conservatism. De Piffle in County Hall. GOO in Number 11. And DC in Number 10. All raised on excess, mayhem, fox-cub mullering, and restaurant thrashing. A horde of Flashmen bullying their way from scrape to scrape. But Pendennis in the Observer has very sad news:

Students lose appetite for Dave's dining club Alarming news from the dreaming spires that, as the Oxford term kicks off, membership of the Bullingdon Club is down to four. 'The Buller suffered from its association with David Cameron's Tories,' I'm told. 'Remember both Cameron and George Osborne were members, as well as Boris Johnson, who's gone a bit downmarket recently. 'You have to be ready to spend a fair bit of cash to join, because you have to have a tailcoat made, not to mention hefty restaurant refurbishment bills, and it's not seen as very cool at the moment.' Perhaps Dave's dedication to putting himself across as a man of the people makes prospective members worry about the club's cachet.

In Manchester if you talk about the Bullers, among the cognoscenti, people have a different idea of who/what you mean. Though it must be said that every restaurant thrashing dining and boozing club I've ever belonged to in Manchester has pre-deceased the Bullingdon Club. So, boys, keep the faith.

There should be an upturn ... perhaps when Dave, GOO and BoJo have been shown up as the damp squibs that failed to ignite.

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