Friday, January 11, 2008

City of Culture: Liverpool 08 Lurches to Life

Went over to Liverpool this evening to huddle in the cool with 30,000 hardcore 'Pudlians and welcome Ringo Starr back on a flying visit. In a word: Cheesy. Report perhaps tomorrow. Will be interested to see the reviews.


Charles Letterman said...

So Liverpool begins its year of being 'European City of Culture' does it? It's an easy target for critics, the endless tyre theft jokes and the 'self-pity city' jibes.

But Liverpool asks for it. Their fantastic sense of humour apparently comes from having it tough in the war. Ask Cilla Black or Stan Boardman. No other city experienced hardship during the war.

The arrogance of the people, believing that coming from Liverpool makes them special, is obvious in every interview. They claim to have a community spirit second to none. The same community spirit that created the wall of silence when the police were trying to catch the killer of 11 year old Ryhs Jones last year.

Two more men were shot last night in Liverpool, but I'm sure that the gunman can't be blamed. He obviously did it as a reaction to his terrible wartime experiences.

Anonymous said...

Reviews on the whole look to be positive. Official launch of Liverpool's new arena last night went well with lots of plaudits. New 50 metre swimming pool about to be officially opened too. Will we ever get a positive labout comment about this? Will we heck!!!!!

The Daily Pundit said...

Via the Liverpool subculture blog:

"It was like celebrity squares without any celebrities"

'WE went with high hopes - but left with huge disappointment.
Tonight's opening was typical of the Culture Company's top down approach. A massive crowd turned up expecting a great show.
But none of us were engaged.
There was no singalong to any recognisable Liverpool 'anthem'.
No dancing. No terrace chants. No humour. No emotional engagement with what is being done in our name, with our money, in our city.
Instead we were presented with a generally uninspiring, unfocussed, unintelligible series of set piece scenes. It was cold and flat and, sadly, a bit dull. It has also cost the city a fortune. Ringo's appearance was a cynical attempt to cash in on the year - and promote his new single. Incredibly, the unknown MC told us, without a trace of Scouse irony, that Ringo's single was "on sale on Monday." People in the crowd shuffled their feet with embarrassment.'