Friday, January 04, 2008

David Ottewell: Faraz Bhatti Had a Christmas Secret

David Ottewell has switched off comments but reveals that Faraz Bhatti booked the room for announcing his treachery almost two weeks ahead of doing the deed. Unusually competent and organised for this erstwhile Lib Dem, New Tory.

Would be interesting to know how many seasonal Lib Dem meetings and functions Faraz and his scheming father may have attended over the holidays? And also more about the re-selection/de-selection drama surrounding my good friend and possibly Faraz's neighbour (? not in declaration of interests he wasn't) the Rev Dr Cllr John Grant Esq. Was Faraz calling for him to be saved or ditched?

David also has John Leech continuing his cancer smokescreen in his shame at his Christie Hospital Hoax by drawing attention (weeks ago it was actually, 18 December) but displaying his ignorance of health statistics and economics by expecting instant cure to chronic problems and his deep-seated misery by not acknowledging improvements and achievements.

If he is not actually saying a Hospital is threatened with closure, or failing to apologise for his bewildering decision to frighten cancer patients with this bogus story, he is guaranteed to be running down the NHS with pathetic slogans and scares every week or two.


Anonymous said...

Chris Paul

Is faraz not the councilor who at one time was the equality spokesperson for the liberal democrats in Manchester and wrote in the reporter how wonderful everything was?

Chris Paul said...

That is indeed the case Yasmin. He wrote - or rather, let's be serious, Simon Ashley wrote - in the SMR how there were no problems or cheap tricks on race in the LD party.

But at the same time he had a full page advert in 99% Urdu in Aatish urging readers to join the Lib Dems to preserve their identity. I have a copy of both somewhere.

He also used to stop on the zigzags at the school with his not inconspicuous vanity plates even after being elected.

He is an affable chap but a lazy so and so with no discernible politics whatsoever.

Have you noticed the new LD Old Moat candidate?

Anonymous said...

No I have not

Who is he/she?

Chris Paul said...

Mr Sufiyan Rana.