Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Guido Fawkes: As Illogical as Two-Headed Don-Quixote

There are times when it must be said that the right wing Libertarian blogger Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF appears to have completely taken leave of his senses. Today is one of them:

Did Dave dither? He says he slept on it and thought better, well he may have thought better not to lose votes, better not to annoy the activists, better to upset David Davis than Guido and Tim Montgomerie - who knows?
The important thing is, he has now dealt with the sleaze issue decisively. What is Gordon going to do? After the Abrahams scandal broke Gordon demanded the resignation of Peter Watt. He told the monthly press conference immediately afterwards that undeclared donations were unlawful and unacceptable and that was why Watt had to go.
Since then we have had Hain - he went - but we still have Harman, Johnson and Wendy. Why haven't they gone? They broke the law. Why are they still lawmakers and ministers of the crown?

So, a Tory MP who is bang to rights slushing the best part of £50,000 to his unqualified son Freddie, at an unfeasibly high remuneration rate, and with no visible return for the tax payer? Cameron stuck up for him but then threw a U-ey and, oo-er, set him free from the Tory whip? And so Brown should sanction H Harman, A Johnson and W Alexander who have respectively :
- Unknowingly taken, and incidentally declared, a donation via a secret agent, with both original donor and intermediary permissible donors;
- Received, carefully checked and declared everything rather well;
- Received £950 from an impermissible donor, which is roughly 14% of the amount David Cameron's Witney Tories trousered from similar sources.

What a crock GuF! Conway is so obviously far more culpable. The cases do not bear comparison. Are you blogging drunk after your liquid lunch you soak? Do you have no sense of proportion whatsoever?

Let's hope Conway goes to jail along with his co-conspirators. And let's hope GuF develops some kind of sense of proportion. This is just braying GuF. And Dave DID "dither like a donkey" as GuF coined in his stumbling Newsnight reprise. Which we'll give him as a possible first use. Unlike his attempt to pilfer the old as the hills: "Snouts in the trough".

Image of Don Guido Quixote on his dithering two headed donkey courtesy of Economist USA.


jailhouselawyer said...

I am almost totally innumerate. Still, if you put another naught in between naught and the comma I think that would be closer to the mark. Try £500,000.

jailhouselawyer said...

Update: Obviously, my original estimate of at least £500,000 was a Conservative one because the Daily Mail is now reporting the figure is at least £1,500,000.