Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Guido Fawkes: Now Smearing DWP Special Advisors?

Oh dear, oh dear. Guido has a story about a supposed DWP Press release which he says was disseminated by email at 10:21 am yesterday 15 January 2008 by supposedly politically neutral special Advisors. He's got the story from the definitely not political neutral Tax Payers Alliance.

Almost 30 hours on no media outlet seems to have picked up this purported story itself, or the story of the rogue email. Was it ever sent? And if so was it by DWP SpAds? Looks like "No" and "No". And looks like a conspiracy of nonsense and smearage from Mr GuF. Though of course the ideas that the Tories want to cut the public services and are not the pensioners friend are very true.

Here is the supposed Press Release:


From: Special-Advisers DWP []
Sent: 15 January 2008 10:21
Subject: RE: FOR IMMEDIATE USE: Tories aim to destroy final salary pension schemes
Importance: High


Commenting on yesterday's proposals by David Cameron to close public service final salary pension schemes – not just the scheme for MPs – Pensions Minister Mike O'Brien QC MP said:

"The Conservative Party plans to get rid of public sector final salary pensions, thereby destroying the best pension schemes in Britain.

"This would send a signal to the employers of hundreds of thousands of workers who remain in final salary pension schemes that the Conservatives don't care about them and are prepared to reduce their income in retirement.

"This should serve as a warning: if you are in a final salary pension scheme, don't ever vote Tory or they would destroy it.

"Although the numbers in final salary schemes have declined from 8 million in the 1960s to around 3 million now, many workers in the private sector remain in final salary schemes.

"In the 1980s, the Tories allowed employers pension contribution holidays and there were mis-selling scandals, and these resulted in deficits. Many employers left the schemes to avoid those deficits.

"In the new Pensions Bill, Labour has just introduced deregulatory measures to encourage employers to remain in these gold-standard schemes. Only a few weeks ago, the Tories claimed to welcome these, and wanted us to go further to keep defined benefit schemes.

"Mr Cameron's announcement that they plan to end final salary schemes for public sector workers sends the wrong signal. It shows they have learnt nothing from the mistakes of the last Tory government.

"The Tories have understood nothing and learnt nothing about pensions."


For further information, please call DWP Special Advisers on 020 3267 XXXX


Anonymous said...

Guido cannot give a link to the SpAd Press Release, BECAUSE IT DOESN’T EXIST, Guido has himself been deceived.

This is not a source, its just another blogg. Are you so gullible? Note how the number at the bottom has been edited out. Why would a press release edit out their own number, surely they would just omit the number all together.

I hate to pee all over Tory bonfires but the press release is fiction.

The tax Payers alliance seem to be resorting to making up dodgy dossiers

Anonymous said...

Only a few days ago a mysterious email press release sent to Nikki Da Costa (office of Tory Chief Whip) came from nowhere and apparently exonerated Gideon from his Half Mill Shanagins.

Funny that press release is very similar to the made up SpAd one. Number is XXXX out….INTERESTING.

Has Andy Coulson had an epiphany?.

Sudden realisation of the power of disinformation !!!!

Guido Fawkes said...

Look you mongs the number is (020)3267 5031, it was redacted to stop idiots calling them.

Do you seriously think I'd make it up? It was sent out by email to hacks.

Chris Paul, the village is missing you.

Anonymous said...

So what are you saying Guido, it’s a leaked email from DWP, and since when did you and your lot give a fig about giving numbers out…seems like your back tracking. In fact, in view of your brilliant scoop I thought you and your lot would revel in causing the DWP some inconvenience by giving the number out.

Come on Guido, doesn’t make very convincing reading. You of course can guarantee favourable comments from blind ever so obedient Tory fodder on your site, but we are not all daft.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to read Mark Wallaces comments on the TBA site.. Oh they are really independent Tax analysts. Nope, a Tory front organization. And yes this does make a difference, as everything they publish is Tory propaganda masquerading as transparent independent research.

PS Any chance of the name of the leaker ( who doesn’t exist ). I’m sure the information Commissioner will be interested in people who leak data to the Times, its called breaking the Data Protection Act. But that wont be necessary as the leaker doesn’t exist.

Anonymous said...

Guido said

Do you seriously think I'd make it up? It was sent out by email to hacks.

No No NO Guido, No One is saying that YOU made it up...But it IS made up.

Anonymous said...

Anyway Guido, give my love to Andy Coulson, say harks. But dont mention the CPS.

Anonymous said...

Guido, did you listen to the Nicky Campbell show last week. Your boy Cambo was on the breakfast show.

Did his interview, was going OK, but then Nicky bowled him a googly. Out of the blue asked him “ Hows the none smoking going”. Poor old Dave was flummoxed, he paused, then stuttered something, then said “I’m trying, but its very hard”.

Now to me, a smoker, that means he hasn’t totally given up, and is still having a sneaky puff, and I don’t mean Iain dale, from time to time.

Do you know why Nicky asked him….

Because, and I have this from a BBC source, Cambo was seen pulling on a Marly light before going into the studio building.

So what you may say, well it means he is a lair, and more importantly a phoney.

Anonymous said...

I know this might be a little over the head of you lot.

It would never be on the DWP website because it is partisan and in breach of civil service rules. So it would have been pulled if it was ever put up on the, which it wouldn't have been.

My bet is that it was sent out by the SpAd as alleged. He meant to send it from his party account and instead sent it from his office account. He shouldn't have been working on party press releases at the office anyway, but everyone does.

Ted Foan said...

Seems like Peter Mandelson's "young men" have returned in force here.

And they're on the case with the "story" about the 80 Tories who raise all that secret money from dining clubs too.

Can't wait for the next instalment of the Flying Lion story and the next "Cashcroft" episode.

Never mind the economic meltdown that is coming - Gordon will ensure stability. Don't worry you Labour Lovely Lads - he'll look after you. Sweet dreams.