Friday, January 18, 2008

Guido Fawkes: Snivelling, Unprofessional Scoundrel

What an unreconstructed, cowardly, snivelling, unprofessional scoundrel the "top drawer" right wing libertarian blogger Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF really is. Yesterday, Thursday at 11:06 am he posted a story with the headline "Electoral Commission Wrote to the Midland (sic) Industrial Council, stating without attribution or link:

" ... that the Electoral Commission wrote to "certain" unincorporated assocations last week including the Midland Industrial Council. Lisa Klein, Director of Party and Election Finance, wrote the letter reminding them about original money sources being permissible donors."

Before he had allowed any comments on that, or having removed initial comments, within about an hour later, GuF changed the sense of the post completely - but not sadly the headline - by adding the word "not" in camp red italics ahead of the word "including" and most likely adding an "s" to Midland in the body text but not the headline (above).

You can still see that version right here in Google Cache. Not mentioning that he had been the one who "broke" this extraordinary non- "story" that he was vehemently rebutting about the Midlands Industrial Council.

The current version (above), with a changed headline with more Camp Red Italics, and with eight comments at the time of writing can be seen just here. Some of those comments look like they might refer to version 1 to be honest. Sadly the way Blogger works the permalink post title STILL gives the game away.

LOL will not be rubbing Guido's nose in even a sample of all the examples of sly updates and history re-writings of this kind. But do excuse this repetition: [camp red italics]what an unreconstructed, cowardly, snivelling, unprofessional scoundrel the "top drawer" right wing libertarian blogger Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF really is![/camp red italics]


Quiet_Man said...

Wow, and you haven't made a typo ever?

Chris Paul said...

What do you mean? The s on Midland is what I call a typo. The story as first posted was a crock. Guido changed it 180 degrees. Renouncing it. His own story. But he failed to cover his tracks.

Guido is a clown.

tory boys never grow up said...

Sure it was just a typo - just like Trotsky on the Politburo photos.

Just imagine what GuF would do if one of his targets did the same - the man is a complete hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

What Guy failed to mention was that while the MIC isnt being probed. The CCS is.

Guess who funds the CCS, in fact fund 100% of the CCS operation....Yes you guessed it the MIC.

PS the MIC also fund the TaxPayers Allience by 100%.. INTERESTING

Anonymous said...

I have heard that the CCS is currently under investigation by the rozzers.

Also the members of MIC are very personal friends of Cameron. In fact he made the offical opening of Peter Shirley's ( MIC Member ) new factory in 2007.

The MIC is worse than The Masons, but even more secretive and even more insidious.

Guido Fawkes said...

You are still the missing idiot sine qua non that completes the village. You join the upper ranks of obssessives who write about moi because they can't get real stories.

Anonymous said...

real stories you Guido.

What like the totally fictious SpAd Press Release !!!!.

The TaxPayers Alliance ( Your buddies ) are on the ropes Guido.

I have also heard that the rozzers will soon be knocking on their doors.

You see, leaking DWP info to the media to help their cause is in fact a breach of the data protection Act.

Guido Fawkes said...

How can you leak something that was emailed out to journalists, if it fake why would the rozzers be interested?

Laughably stooopid.

Ted Foan said...

Guido - are you "'avin a fight" on Chris Paul's site? Be careful because he'll think he's important.

Don't want the Guido brand to be tainted by this sad little provincial "anti-Libdemologists" who was once an aspiring "Manchester-equivalent of Time-out" founder do we?

tory boys never grow up said...

Given his recent effort I think you are kind referring to GuF as a gutter blogger - sewer blogger might be more appropriate. I somehow doubt that the man has a decent principle in his entire body.