Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Guido Fawkes: Times Online Exposes GuF Non Story

Hallelujah! The Times have shown up GuF's Hain Story for what it is ... absolute twaddle. Disingenuous twaddle.

Hain's warm remarks about one of Wales' more successful companies were made in 2005. Here are a couple of stories from the time. The Western Mail ran a profile of the actual donor Neville Allport OBE in June last year.

Incidentally Mr Allport also set up Firstplus, owned by Barclays since their Woolwich acquisition. That's the lender with the similar business model that Carol Vorderman promotes for big bucks. In contrast Peter Hain spoke routine warm words about the company on the occasion of an announcement of more jobs, new headquarters, customer milestones, record profits.

In his capacity as Welsh Secretary. Guido doctored his graphic to deflect from this tedious reality. Hain is boring. Guido is boring.


Guido Fawkes said...

Why do you keep writing about Guido if he is so boring?

Funny how this boring story has been picked up by, Sky, \The Times, Guardian, Daily Mail, Evening Standard etc.

Bit sad and lonely here ain't it?

Ted Foan said...

Too true Guido! I've urged this sad little chap to concentrate on his little squabble with the "Libdemologists" in his Manchester nest many times rather than pretend he's "in the know".

Chris Paul said...

It's a shit story Guido. It has no legs. Your writing of it was and is dishonest, even doctoring a graphic. Some of us have to keep an eye on you. But you have no standards. When someone says "stoop!" you reply "how low".

The papers that you mention that haven't already found you out have at least not been as dishonest as you have been.

Goodness knows Hain has troubles but warm words as Welsh Secretary on a Welsh company is hardly surprising andf not culpable.

Diable: It is Guido who pretends he's in the know. But his standards are pathetic.

The Dead Sheep of Quentin Davies said...

Absolutely. This story is a load of guff. In fact, as I argue here, the whole episode reflects extremely well on Peter Hain. We should be praising him, not condemning.

copydude said...

Um . . . if you make an illegal tax return or disability claim, you are prosecuted for fraud. End of story.

Incompetent staff? Not credible. Look at Hain's expenditure:

Support staff costing £14,850
8 workstations and an office costing £20,000
PC's and IT support:£4,300

Can't process around 20 cheques on Excel?

Oversight? Did he forget to pocket to pocket the money? Nooooo.

If he isn't locked up, there's no justice.

Chris Paul said...


You miss an important point here. All those staff ARE NOT ALLOWED to spend their time on party political matters including internal elections.

Campaign staff are typically volunteers and evaporate after polling day to catch up with their real work.

copydude said...

Chris Paul said:


"You miss an important point here. All those staff ARE NOT ALLOWED to spend their time on party political matters including internal elections"

So why were they hired for his campaign? And why are they included on an electoral return? You don't make any sense.


"Campaign staff are typically volunteers"

The salaries for three months on Peter Hain's return are stated as £14,850.

Entering 20 cheques on Excel takes about an hour. Not the seven months we've already been waiting for him to come clean, staff or no staff.

You work it out.