Friday, January 25, 2008

Haggis EDM: Cluster Bomb Rennie Laments

So disappointing that Cllr John Leech MP, the busy-doing-nothing shyster temporarily representing Manchester Withington, has not signed this topical Early Day Motion concerning a potential bleeding dry of Scottish butchery - apparently in an offal state. Steakholders in the industry claim that modern haggis making is tripe, the wurst ever, and ask the SNP to have the guts to put the heart back into Haggis training.

Mr Leech's pal the Rabbie Burns look-alikey Willie Rennie, given the Lib Dem campaign coordinating role by Calamity Clegg, is of course the famous cluster bomb hypocrite.

Before his lucky by-election win Will-lie made his living puffing the arms industry, particularly Raytheon who make the things, crossed several constituencies to visit their factory on his election and then scarcely blushed as he made speech and motion after speech and motion calling for cluster bombs to be banned. He's got two-facedness down pat.

Happy Cluster Burns Night again Mr Rennie!

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