Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hazel Blears Triumphs: Tory Iain's are Polarised

Iain Lindley, a Tory of Salford's Fair City, has been parading his lack of insider knowledge for more than thirteen months now. Iain Dale believed his forename sake. Back in December 2006, and again a few days ago.

Lindley's propaganda has basically been that Hazel Blears will get run very close or actually lose the candidacy for the seat of Salford and Eccles. Last time Mr Lindley came out with this crock and Mr Dale drew attention to this we went to L's site and provided a comment predicting that Hazel would win by 2:1.

Yesterday afternoon it emerged that Hazel Blears had won ... by 2:1.

Mr Dale keeps up his adulation as immortalised by Theo Spark (right) and referred to in one of LOL's very earliest posts.

Mr Lindley continues to whine disingenuously.

He is a Tory after all. What do you expect?


Anonymous said...

Fair play to your prediction Chris. I never said that I thought Hazel would lose, but I did think - for a number of reasons which I outlined - that the contest would be a lot closer than it turned out to be.

I imagine that the activist vote was quite split (certainly my impression in the Council chamber) and Hazel ran away with the armchair voters - the latter not being a particularly accessible demographic for Conservative Councillors!

Chris Paul said...

Fair play to your blog monitoring Iain! I think the impression given to Salford Tory Councillors in the Council Chamber may occasionally be misleading?! And that Hazel is actually a good constituency MP. As Ministers go.

fairdealphil said...

Iain L comments (above): 'I never said that I thought Hazel would lose...'

No, of course he didn't. He never said he thought she would lose...! No really. Honestly.

Where on earth did Chris dream that one up...!!?

Unfortunately, Iain's archives have disappeared, but thanks to the other Tory Iain (Dale) we know that in December 2006, Iain L informed his reader(s) that the selection Hazel has just overwhelmingly won (2-1) was, er:

'...a contest she has an excellent chance of losing. Is this the end of the road for another Blairite minister?...'

Excellent post Chris.

PS...does anyone know if Cameron is still backing Barack Obama to win the nomination, now that Hillary Clinton is back in front - not that Cameron could be accused of jumping on a bandwagon of course.

No. Really. He never said he thought Obama was actually going to win...Honestly.

Anonymous said...

shame, Mr Stewart is a fine MP